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Ryan Edmonds

Strada Edge has been a true game-changer for my towing business as a black owner. Not only the fact that they got me a brand new website and leads but the appointment setting services alone changed the game for me. Despite the challenges faced by minority-owned businesses, Strada Edge treated me with utmost respect. I’ve been doing towing for 10 years in Stamford CT and worked with a lotta lead generators but none like these guys. Thanks to Strada Edge, I’ve been able to take my first vacation in those 10 years. Their impact on my business has been profound, and I can’t recommend these dudes enough. Lifechanging

Marie Garibay​

Strada Edge has completely turned my salon business around and brought immense joy to my life. For the past two years, I couldn’t get a single person to find my salon in North Phoenix. At times I was worried if I could provide for my kids. When I decided to work with Strada Edge everything changed. They finally got consistent clients for the first time. The impact was so significant that it allowed me to take my 2 kids out to eat for the first time in literally 2 years. I am eternally grateful to Strada Edge for helping me and my family.

Clarence Harris​

Strada Edge is the only reason I’m still in business right now. I’ve been doing driveways for the past 8 years ever since i came to Bridgeport CT from My home in Dallas Texas. I was barely getting any referrals and losing most that i got because of my accent. When they got me a website and got my business seen it made all the difference. Then they got the appointment setters and that made getting work easy. I still can’t believe technology. If there’s any company I’m grateful for it’s Strada Edge.