Get 10-20+ Jobs per month!?

Our company consists of only prior contractors and military personal & our teams mission is to help any company or contractor who wants to scale there company by any means.

If you are looking for a couple extra jobs a month we are not the company for you. If you want to dominate your space and create a life that you and your family can be proud of then you’re our kind of people. We have helped dozens of other companies build there brand and get more work and we can make yours successful as well.

Our method to get you 10-20+ jobs per month using our method only works…

100% of the time!

Contact us today to learn more about whether or not our team over at Strada Edge would be a good fit to help take your business to the next level!

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3X your profits in 3 months!

We have proven time and time again we can bring businesses $50K – $100K consistently in monthly recurring revenue…. If you do not have any method of reaching these numbers, you’re not new to your niche and you want to scale, we’d love to schedule a FREE strategy call to see how we can implement our digital tactics to your specific needs, situation, budget and business model.

1. Able to close jobs​

Business = Sales.
If you do not know how to convince a customer to buy from your company or you can’t seem to ever close a prospect, no matter the reason, then this will not be a good fit.

2. Have 2+ years experience in your niche

We want to work with people who have a decent amount of experience and we want to happily work with you being your main source of work for YEARS to come!

3. Able to consistently provide good work to your customers

If you’re work isn’t good then it doesn’t matter if we got you 100 jobs a month! You will not get repeat business from these customers and you will accidentally make us look bad as a result of this indirectly.

4. Looking to grow

If you’re good where you’re at and you want to MAINTAIN but not GROW or SCALE, then this will not be a good fit. We want to work with hungry business owners.

5. Thinking this is a quick commitment/ a short thing

We want to work with businesses that are thinking about the long term and are planning on being in business for the next 5+ years.

6. You have trouble getting employees or assistance

Depending on the population of your town, the median household income and the poverty rate if you have at least 1 employee and you have prior leadership experience running a crew.

Your so much closer to growth than you may think….

We have come across business owners in all stages of scaling or stagnation in there business. There’s nothing that makes us feel more for a customer than when they are vulnerable and exclaim to us that they have this “Stuck” feeling and can’t seem to get rid of it.

Business owners have came to us in whatever your exact scenario may be, and through perseverance, consistency and determination are now making enough to not only alleviate there pain but are able to take there family on monthly vacations because they finally are receiving enough CONSISTANT work to hire estimators, people to take the calls all day, and enough crew to complete ALL the work so they can kick there feet up and take a distant owner role (If that’s what there individual goal was to do in the end)


Increase in monthly
revenue for clients


Clients and growing under the wings of Strada Edge and there team! ​

Get tips & tricks on how to skyrocket your sales

This is a partnership… Not just a short term thing. Our team will always be a phone call or a text away for assistance.

While we are extremely busy we are always willing to give advice and be there for you on your journey as you scale and grow your business.

As far as tips on how to scale and advice on what we’ve seen our other clients do to scale we are here for tips every step of the way!

$3000- 4000

Average contracting Job
that comes in (depending on your niche)


High intent Leads

Who We Are?​

We are dedicated to helping our clients receive a huge profit for what they paid us for.
We’d like to think of ourselves as a “dollar machine.”

Our ideal situation is where you put $1 into us and we give you $10 back. If you had this machine in front of you, you’d sit there and put dollar after dollar after dollar into it, becoming addicted.

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Exclusive HIGH INTENT jobs

Check testimonials of our satisfied clients!

See what others just like yourself have said when they decided to TRUST there business growth in the hands of Strada Edge!

Ryan Edmonds

Strada Edge has been a true game-changer for my towing business as a black owner. Not only the fact that they got me a brand new website and leads but the appointment setting services alone changed the game for me… Read More

Marie Garibay​

Strada Edge has completely turned my salon business around and brought immense joy to my life. For the past two years, I couldn’t get a single person to find my salon in North Phoenix… Read More

Clarence Harris​

Strada Edge is the only reason I’m still in business right now. I’ve been doing driveways for the past 8 years ever since i came to Bridgeport CT from My home in Dallas Texas…
Read More

Some Of The Benefits

Perhaps you’ve gotten most of your jobs from referrals. But those are not going to be reliable enough to scale. some of the benefits are:

Increase conversion rates
Gain an edge over competitors​
Increased Visibility by everyone
Appear professional amongst your colleagues and friends
Alleviate your pain and begin spending time with your family

We can bring a horse to water….

If you’re already stressed as is then we wouldn’t want to make anything harder for you than it already is… But if this is the next move for you and you have the:




Determination and Aspiration

Pain-point you know you need to solve

Willingness to invest in your business and future

Then book your FREE strategy call today and see if we can assist your business! Our plans are custom and there is no set price. We are the steroids that you apply when it is time to explode. So if price is your only concern then do not apply.

Get Work and visibility to your customers now!

Our goal is to make you profit. If you don’t make a MASSIVE amount of profit and save headache and time… Don’t use us. We promise you that you will make more profit than you’ll know what to do with if you are good at what you do. We will be the coaches and guides that you help you on your journey to health, wealth, happiness and freedom

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